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Sept away             
A bit of a drive for some, but well worth
it! This is a very nice course in the rolling
hills of the NE Bay. And a great value.
Oct home            
Fremont Park
Golf, prizes, raffle and pizza...all for only
$45. This is the Club Championship. Last
winners: S.Terry, G.Burke, S.Lane
Away tournament            
Monterey Aug 9-10
It was a Monterey getaway to remember, or at least to document on a site like this.
We played two very different courses. The rougher, more casual Monterey Pines and
the newly re-opened, spectacular Poppy Hills. poppy doesn't do script so it all went into
prizes. Everyone won something in placements and raffle.
Two-day scores.
-27  D. Justice / K. Justice / S. Justice / M. Morgan
-25  R. Tiscareno / M. Bock / D. Hess / A. Stewart
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  April 12
Two tournaments in one. The usual Fremont Park fare with a large field played as teo
person team. And those qualified for NCGA events played round one!
All scores.
-14  M. Wills / C. Anderson   -13  J. Smith / P. Smith
-11  Gaydos / Sripetch,  Aguilar / Montoya, Ormonde / Ormonde, Morgan / Suen
Away tournament            
Los Lagos April 26
We saw foxes, turkeys and birdies. Well some of us had birdies. Others had to settle
for a really nice day.  NCGA scores are also listed.
See all scores.
-15  R. Lasich / M. Bock
-13  R. Heuser / J. Hodges and G. Putkey / J. Arlie
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  May 10
We played a basic scramble on a wonderful day with some light gusts at home. It
wasn't a large feild but we still were able to have a shotgun start.
All scores.
-20  Clint Anderson, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch, Terry Gaydos, Mike Wills
-16  Martin Josefowicz, Ron Utley, Pam Utley, Mickey Morgan
Away tournament            
San Juan Oaks May 24
It was close to unanimous, the number of hands that went up in responce to playing
here again. Such a peaceful place and a fine test of golf.
See all scores.
-15  Joseph Hodges, Rob Heuser, Dan Vicencio, Paul Evans
-13  William Puthoff, Aurolyn Devine, Bob Graves, Blind Draw
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  June 14
We played a Florida scramble on a perfect day (again) at home. It was a little confusing
for some, frustrating for others. But score came out amazingly close.
Full list of scores.
-16  Howard Marks, Pamela Smith, Martin Vanslyke, J D Smith
-16  Bonnie Wong, Guy Moy, Stan Chan, Victor Wong
Away tournament            
Coyote Creek - Valley Course June 28
Again we played variable ball; counting one ball on par 5's, two on part 4's, three balls
on par 3's. Some groups wer close and some varied dramatically.
-15  Clint Anderson, Mike Wills, Frank Aguilar, Ginny Lemert                        
-14  Stephen Justice, Ken Justice, Dusty Justice, Paul Evans
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  July 12
Great day with a light field and one of our easiest formats at this challenging course,
the full scramble. Scores ended up really close as these often do.
All scores.
26  M. Obrien / R. Walsh / T. Gaydos / C. Troxclair / R. Crawford (5-somes)
 D. Chang / G. Burke / G. Lemert / D. Lemert (4-somes)
Away tournament            
Sunol - Palm July 26
It was breezy, a welcome addition to the hot days. But not so much on those long
uphill holes into the wind. It didn't bother some team, though. Or were they just taking
advantage of those generous cross fairway recovery opportunities.
88  L. Thomas / V. Suen / M. Morgan / P. Zakel
90  P. Utley / R. Utley / M. Josefowicz / R. Martin
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Aug 23
Great day with an interesting twist on the scrample tournament. Note: we were able to
hang at the course after as pizza was brought in and beverages served.
See scores.
43  P. Llewellyn / P. OBrien / C. Barber / J. Shomberg
 G. Burke / D. Lemert / C. Troxclair / G. Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 13
Back to a basic scramble. Three drives from everyone. We had 5-person and 4-person
teams. Could this be the last great summer day at home, probably not.
See scores.
-21  Don Chang, Charlie Labson, Dave Anders, Dave Lemert, Terry Gaydos
-19  Howard Marks, Pam Smith, Al Scott, J D Smith