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2016 Oct Away             
In place of the canceled Blackhawk
event, we were able to get an outing
at Skywest Golf course in Hayward.
2016 Nov Home             
Fremont Park
An 8:30 shotgun start, turkey shoot. We'll
have teams play against those directly
paired together. Includes golf, pizza, prizes.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  June 11
Despite one of the more forgiving formats at home and a day with spectacular
weather, this shamble event had a huge range of scores. The fairways were in nice
shape and greens really nice.
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-21  Howard Marks, Guy Moy, J D Smith, Pamela Smith
-16  Greg Burke, Dan Lane, Mickey Morgan, Danny Smith
Away tournament            
Poppy Hills  June 25
Spectacular! again. But what do you expect for Poppy Hills in June? Amazingly one
group finished with all the groups within 2 strokes. And the other finished spread over
14 strokes.
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-12 C. Serrano / F. Serrano / B. Graves / S. Kapuganti
-11 R. Tynecki / R. Harvey / D. Cruz / G. Sherman
-10 M. Morgan / V. Suen / S. Justice / D. Justice
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  July 9
It was a nice day for a scramble at Fremont Park. Sun with just enough breeze to keep
it comfortable, the fairways were in very nice shape for this time of year and the
greens as true as usual. Final scores were pretty tight.
-21  Howard Marks, Pamela Smith, Victor Suen, J D Smith
-17  George Dwyer, Max Rodriguez, Mickey Morgan
-17  Dan Lane, Shawn Lane, Guy Moy, David Cruz
Away tournament            
Monterey  July 23
With the Soberanes fire in the distance, there was an eeriness to helicopters coming
and going with water with the haze. We played two best balls per holes and 4-person
teams, net of course.
Scores from Monterey Pines day only.
-27  E. Boyea / P. Smith / J. Smith / D. ZBlind
26  S. Terry / D. Chang / C. Umpleby / B. Terry
20  D. Lane / M. Morgan / S. Lane / V. Suen
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Aug 13
It was hot and so were the Smiths, beating the next best teams (4 total) in all three
groups by 4 strokes.
50  Pamela Smith, J D Smith
54  Paul Llewellyn, Mike Wills / William Puthoff, Ron Crawford
54  Victor Suen, Peter Zakel / Dan Lane, Shawn Lane
Away tournament            
Los Lagos  Aug 27
With so many par threes, Los Lagos
is a great test for the 1-2-3 best-ball
format. Some of the par 3s were
more guarded than others.
-26  D. Anders / D. Lemert / A. Wilson / C. Troxclair
-25  K. Blakeman / T. Munday / G. Lemert / G. Burke
-22  R. Lasich / R. Lasich / D. Lasich / S. Kapuganti
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 10
The course is seeing some further development as the improvements to the creek
separating holes 4 and 5 from the rest creates a pinching effect. And the diversion over
a new temporary bridge near the train tracks adds a little more congestion. But who's
going to notice on such a nice day.
-19  David Lasich, Roger Lasich, Pete Zakel
-15  Joe Hodges, Rob Heuser, Ginny Lemert
Away tournament            
Coyote Creek  Sept 24
A switch to the tournament course was a welcome
update, especially for the same price. For some it
was extra challenging. And for Bill Putoff it was, in
a word: ACES!
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 8
It was a spectacular day and the course was in decent shape. We played from the blue
tees for men, white and red for women. We allowed for bumps to make it easier but
the course is never that easy playing your won ball all the way through. Only 3 players
broke par of 64 with their handicaps!
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