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Away tournament            
Monterey Pines  June 22
It was a beautiful Day. Results
-29  Ron Utley, Pam Utley, Jerry Moro, Carl Umpleby
-28  Brett Hawkins, Salvador Robles, L C Thomas, Mickey Morgan
2019 Nov Home             
Turkey Shoot
Half the field will win as we play a fun
head-to-head format. An 8:30 shotgun
start. Prizes, pizza, raffle,
2019 Oct Away               
ntry is closed. You can get on the alternate
list in the event someone has to cancel.
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Major changes
in 2019
Away tournament            
Moffett Field  May 25
This place is really improved. Fantastic greens, better tee boxes, far fewer fairway
failures, excellent rough and some decent cart paths. Of course that means higher
prices now and there were a lot of gnat swarms. Also a great air show.
All results
-24 Derrick Hess, Andrea Stewart, Mike Wills, Ginny Lemert
-8   Jorge Romero, Blake Sanfilippo, Coyt Jackson, Robert Yott
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  June 8
We played an Alternate Shamble for (probably) the first time, with two-person teams;
each player tees off, they alternate hitting the next shot, they select the best of the
two for the third shot and play in as a scramble.
Full recap
54 Scott Terry/George Putkey   56 Dusty Justice/Ken Justice
62 Dan Lane/Shawn Lane, Mike Wills/Ginny Lemert, Pamela Smith/J D Smith
63 Mickey Morgan/Victor Suen, 64 Ron Utley/Jerry Moro
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  July 13
We were on the edge of a heat wave but just missed it. Fairways are in the best
condition this summer than over many summers past.
Full recap
50  Phil Murray, Keith Whitney, Paul Llewellyn, Pete OBrien
45  Vikram Pamarthi, Pamela Smith, Jerry Moro, J D Smith
Away tournament            
Summitpointe  July 27
A breeze kept course temps from getting too high on a very hot day. We played
variable score on odd holes, two on even holes.
Full Recap
90 Keith Farmer, Kevn Farmer, Andy Wilson, Cory Troxclair
91 Chris Serrano, Fay Serrano, Frank Aguilar, Ginny Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  August 10
Our tie-breaker formula was put to high use. First and second was a tiebreaker and
the next three scores were within one stroke. We played a 4-person scramble and
had all the normal home tourney opportunities.
All Scores
46  Scott Terry, Brian Terry, Ron Utley, Pam Utley
46  Clint Anderson, Dan Lane, Shawn Lane, Keith Farmer
Away tournament            
Seascape  Aug 24
It was all about the "G"s this weekend; the G-Men beat the A's, JimmyG showed us
how the Niners could go undefeated, and Rory won 15,000 Gs! We played straight up
individual net scoring but required the net from all 4 player per team.
All the scores
+26 Shawn Lane, Dan Lane, Don Chang, L C Thomas
+38 John Jarvinen, Andy Sanchez, Jeff Arlie, Ginny Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Sept 14
It was a beautiful morning and even a little warm as we finished. We palyed a
scrambe, had pizza, a raffle...and everyone won a raffle prize except one poor soul:
lets just say justice was served and justice was blind at the same time
All Scores
46  Chris Serrano, Aurolyn Devine, William Puthoff, Fay Serrano
47  Pete Obrien, Paul Llewelyn, Greg Burke, Madison Burke
49 Pam Smith, JD Smith, Martin Obrien
Away tournament            
Lake Chabot  Sept 28
We played 4-person teams using 2 best balls. There is some funky play in the Oakland
hills; cars driving through fairways, crazy bends and elevations and , of course, the
par 6. Thanks to the course for throwing in range balls and burritos.
All the scores
118 Vik Parmathi, Jerry Moro, JD Smith, Pam Smith
121 Dusty Justice, Steve Justice, Robert Yott, Theresa Fernandez
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Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 12
Clint Anderson is our new Club Champ winning with a gross 73, playing from
Pam Smith had a stunning gross 75 from the white/red and netted the
Women's title with Net 61.
Guy Moy won Men's Net by 4 with a fine 56. All Scores
Men Nets (b/w): 56 Guy Moy, 60 George Putkey, Peter Zakel, 61 Clint Anderson
Women Nets (w/r): 61 Pamela Smith, 64 Shawn Lane, 69 Ginny Lemert, 70 Pam Utley
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