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Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Feb 13
The Superbowl, the At&T at Pebble Beach, the Fremont Park first event of the year...all
great days to show off the incredible weather here in the middle of winter. We played
a pure scramble to help ease into our new year.
-16  Chris Serrano, William Puthoff, Fay Serrano, Aurolyn Devine
-14  Scott Terry, Paul Llewellyn, Dave Lemert, Brian Terry
Away tournament            
Wente  Feb 27
We are finally getting a strong rain system, but we were also able to score a terrific
day in Livermore before it arrives. The greens were fast, sun was shining and we had a
beautiful patio area to run the prizes. Ahhh, short sleeves and shorts in Feb.
86  R. Tynecki / D. Cruz / G. Sherman / M. Morgan
89  C. Troxclair / A. Wilson / R. Crawford / L. Crawford
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  March 12
It was cold. It was windy. But, we couldn't be happier. Saturday's break from rain was
the only such break from mid-week through Monday. The course was sloppy but
management let us use carts and the greens were great.
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54  B.Draw / P. Llewellyn     60  G. Lemert / D. Lane
57  R. Crawford / L. Crawford
Away tournament            
Dublin Ranch  March 26
Perfect weather, lift-clean-place, and having a partner led to some great scores just
over the hills in Dublin. Just two (2-person) teams finished over par. A wedding left us
outside for gathering, luckily it was so nice.
See scores.
51 J. Smith / P. Smith  -   52  C. Troxclair / A. Wilson
55  C. Umpleby / M. Vanslyke  -  56  R. Crawford / L. Crawford
Away tournament            
Eagle Ridge  October 24
What a wonderful day. We had a great rate for this fine course in Gilroy. And we
played a forgiving team format that kept many scores close. But there were a few that
really excelled through ham'n'eggin or grinding or just good clean living.
See scores.
84  P. Utley / R. Utley / M. Josefowicz / B. Owens
88  S. Justice / K. Justice / R. Martin / S. Kapuganti
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  Oct 10
It was a great day from start to finish. We played 2 and 3-person scramble teams.
Head-to-head match play. And, half the field won a prize. The winning team of each
match won a contribution  to their thanksgiving dinner. Some doubled up with a raffle
win or a closest to the pin prize. ever.
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Away tournament            
Poppy Hills  Nov 28
It was cold, cold, cold.....every few holes the wind would come through the 'valley' and
man did it get colder!
Final scores.
2016 May Away             
One of David W. Kent's best course
designs easily found off 101 next to
Moffett Field. Flat and forgiving.
2016 June Home             
Everyone that plays will be fed
An 8:30 shotgun start which is great
for everyone finishing together.
Includes golf, pizza, prizes.
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  March 12
Another threat to be rained-out was averted. Despite raining through the night before
and mild drizzle during, everyone showed up and had a good time with an easy format
at home. Full scramble with 3 - and 4-person teams.
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-14  John Jarvinen, Jeff Arlie, Shawn Lane, Dan Lane
-11  Terry Gaydos, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch, Guy Moy
Away tournament            
Deep Cliff  April 23
This newly-renovated track was in great shape just a day after a good rain. Weather
was terrific and the raffle yielded a prize for everyone that stayed which was almost
the whole field.
See scores.
-24  Terry Gaydos, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch, L C Thomas, Peter Zakel
-19  David Lasich, Roger Lasich, Martin Vanslyke, Cindy Vanslyke
-19  Greg Burke, Don Chang, Dave Lemert, Ginny Lemert
Home tournament            
Fremont Park  March 12
The course was in fine shape and we played two-person scramble so there should
have been great lies around. Still, our home course isn't the easiest place to play with
only 2-person teams.
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-11  Dave Anders, Dave Lemert   -10 Greg Burke, Frankie Aguilar
-9  Andrea Stewart, Ron Utley