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Who is playing Moffett Field, May 25?
Below is a list of players signed up for the next home event. If you are not on this list
and think you should be, Call or e-mail Dave at 510-651-7744 or We
have a limited number of spots. Priority will be given to members in the order that their
checks were received. Guests are welcome if spots still remain.
*** Pairings published two days prior to event ***
signed up as of May 7                             
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Andrea Stewart
Derrick Hess
Andy Wilson
Cory Troxclair
Chris Serrano
Fay Serrano
JD Smith
Pam Smith
Pam Utley
Ron Utley
Blake SanFilippo
Brett Hawkins
Coyt Jackson
Dave Lemert
Don Chang
Frankie Aguilar
Ginny Lemert
Greg Burke
Joe Hodges
Jorge Romero
Mike Wills
Pete Zakel
Robert Yott
Ruben Smith
Sal Robles
Mickey Morgan