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NCGA Tournament Qualifying for 2021
Qualifying for NCGA Zone and Two-Ball tournaments as a member of the Golf
Club at Fremont Park will occur at our April home and March away events. For
those that want to be included in NCGA qualifying, your scores with handicap
at each designated GCFP event will also be used as NCGA qualifying scores,
but adjusted according to eligibility requirements.

Zone Championship: Two, 2-Person teams qualify to represent us as our 4-person team
at a regional event. We will use our
April Away and Home scores to determine
participants. The two best team scores, in order, can choose to represent us at the Zone
sectional. See requirements below for more info.
Four-Ball Net: 2-Person better ball teams. We will use same scores for Zone to
determine participants. See requirements below for more info.
Seniors Four-ball: Alert  
tournament director if you want to participate in Senior qualifying. Handicap limit of 40.4
Net Amateur: Three individuals. Qualifying to represent us at a sectional event occurs
TBD. We will use tournament scores in these events to establish the scores for NCGA
qualifying. The total cumulative score will determine qualifiers. See requirements below
for more info. If there is little to no interest in this event, we will go with a fun event
Tie Breakers. Tie breakers will be determined by home scores in this score,
best final nine, best final six, best final three, best final hole, coin toss.
Canceled tournaments. As long as one of the designated qualifying events is played,
that event will count as the qualifier. If all qualifying events are canceled an emergency
home event will be called by the Board of Directors. You must be entered in the first
qualifying event, even if canceled, to qualify in subsequent events.

We are members of the East Bay Zone. Any member of the Golf Club at Fremont Park
that is currently eligible can represent the club at local and regional NCGA qualifying
events. Note:
players must be very comfortable with their knowledge of the Rules of Golf. They
need to know when to call a penalty and what to do if another player calls one on them.
To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:
GCFP Requirements:
Players must have participated in 5 GCFP tournaments during the 12 months prior to the
qualifying month. This was reduced from typical seven given cancelled tournaments last
year. The current Club Champion is exempt from this requirement.
Prior to the deadline for the first scheduled qualifying round,
each player/team must
enter through the Member Planet link for NCGA Qualifying
at April Home.

NCGA requirements:
The maximum indexes that can be used for each event:
Zone and Four-Ball are limited to 18.4 as a player's maximum index.
Net Amateur maximum indexes are 36.4 (men) and 40.4 (women)
You can participate if over the requirement but must be adjusted down to the maximum.
Also, qualifying play is adjusted down to 90% for men, 95% for women, of your course
handicap for the Zone and Four-Ball events.
Four-Ball. Team course handicaps that differ by more than 8 strokes for a Four-Ball Net
team will be reduced by 10%.

You must be able to participate in subsequent rounds (usually weekdays) should you
qualify. See NCGA Bluebook for specific dates. Players are responsible for payment of

Men and women are eligible, women compete from the forward tees at away events. At
home events men will play from Blue/White tees and women from White/White tees.
You must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

...for complete entry information, see your NCGA Bluebook, or visit:
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