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Results for Wente, Feb 27
We are finally getting a strong rain system, but we were also able to score a
terrific day in Livermore before it arrives. The greens were fast, sun was shining
and we had a beautiful patio area to run the prizes. Ahhh, short sleeves and
shorts in February.
We played 4-person teams, scoring the best ball on odd holes and two best balls
on even holes. Scores were wildly varied. Thanks to Wente for reserving a great
space for us and good job Frankie for finding this excellent opportunity.
All Men            
86 R. Tynecki / D. Cruz / G. Sherman / M. Morgan
89 C. Troxclair / A. Wilson / R. Crawford / L. Crawford
96 D. Justice / K. Justice / S. Justice / R. Martin

All Men            
93 P. Hovanic / N. Hovanic / C. Anderson / M. Wills
94 D. Lemert / D. Hess / G. Burke / R. Tiscareno
96 A. Sanchez / D. Sanchez / J. Arlie / G. Putkey
103 R. Walsh / M. Obrien / M. White / D. Smith

95 D. Lane / S. Lane / S. Kapuganti / V. Suen
101 C. Serrano / F. Serrano / W. Puthoff / B. Graves
101 M. Vanslyke / C. Vanslyke / C. Umpleby / D. Chang
132 R. Heuser / D. Vicencio / M. Josefowicz / G. Lemert