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All Men                    
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Results: Coyote Creek, Sept. 24
We played the Tournament (Nicklaus) Course. Four-person teams taking
the two best balls. A switch to the tournament course was a welcome
update, especially for the same price. For some it was extra challenging.
And for Bill Putoff it was, in a word: ACES!
Dave Anders
Dave Lemert
William Puthoff
Carl Umpleby

Perry Hovanic
Nicholas Hovanic
Danny Smith
Andrew Noonan

Don Chang
Winson Schuring
Bob Graves
Robert Walsh

Terry Gaydos
Johnny-Nipon Sripetch
Peter Zakel
Mickey Morgan

Raymond Tynecki
Geoff Sherman
Jack Shomberg
Charles Barber
Theresa Fernandez
Danielle Fernandez
Roger Lasich
David Lasich

Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Martin Vanslyke
Cindy Vanslyke

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Charlie Labson
Ginny Lemert
Acemaker Bill Putoff