The only course club in Fremont
Playing Skywest, Oct. 22
Thanks to Skywest for getting us out on short notice to cover for
Blackhawk's plugging delay. The weather was awesome and the drinks
were free! Yes, Derrick Hess and Andrea Stewart covered the bar after this
event to celebrate their recent marriage.
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Lionel Fernandez Jr
Theresa Fernandez
Paul Llewellyn
Pete Obrien

Dave Anders
Dave Lemert
Don Chang
Ginny Lemert

Derrick Hess
Andrea Stewart
Mike Wills
Clint Anderson

Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Bret Owens
Andy Wilson
Johnny-Nipon Sripetch
Ron Crawford
Mickey Morgan
Carl Umpleby

Martin Obrien
Mike White
Martin Vanslyke
Dan Lane

Perry Hovanic
Nicholas Hovanic
Danny Smith
Guy Moy
All Men                           
Congrats Derrick and Andrea!
Thanks for the beverages.