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Results: Wente Mar. 25
Just a month after the big floods along the Coyote River and Los Lagos was
on fabulous shape. A few signs of the terrible storms are still there, trash in
the trees in the creek from debris that floated downstream and a few
downed trees. We played lift clean and place as the balls did pick up mud if
approaching too high. And while the clouds drifted in and out, those wearing
shorts were not disappointed. Format was best ball on odds, two balls on
even holes. It was a sold out event.
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Co-ed Team Scores
80 Chris Serrano, Fay Serrano, William Puthoff, Ginny Lemert
82 Dan Lane, Shawn Lane, Greg Burke, Scott Terry
83 Martin Vanslyke, Cindy Vanslyke, Winson Schurring, Blind Draw
85 Guy Moy, Pamela Smith, Edward Boyea, Blind Draw
85 Ron Utley, Pam Utley, Bret Owens, Don Chang
87 Clint Anderson, Mike Wills, Al Scott, Danielle Fernandez
All-men Team Scores
82 Andy Wilson, Cory Troxclair, Ron Crawford, Lance Crawford
83 David Cruz, Raymond Tynecki, Geoff Sherman, Ron Spanggord
86 Dusty Justice, Ken Justice, Stephen Justice, Russell Martin
90 John Jarvinen, Andy Sanchez, Jeff Arlie, George Putkey
92 Mickey Morgan, Victor Suen, Peter Zakel, Robert Yott
93 Dave Anders, Dave Lemert, Charlie Labson, Frank Sapena
98 Frank Aguilar, Robert Montoya, Roger Lasich, David Lasich