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Results: Poppy Ridge, Nov. 25
For the first time in three years we avoided the storms at Poppy Ridge,
barely. Rain came the next day but this Saturday couldn't have been
better. No wind, shorts weather and lift-clean-place also made for some
really nice scores. We played 4-person teams, two best net balls. The
greens were slightly slower than usual and the fairways left nice
spongy lies. We had two groups starting/playing different 9's at the
same time, all finishing closer to the raffle. And, all but 1 stayed for it.
Merlot / Chardonnay
Perry Hovanic
Nicholas Hovanic
Cory Troxclair
Carl Umpleby

J D Smith
Pamela Smith
Vikram Pamarthi
Don Chang

Derrick Hess
Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Andrea Stewart

Jeff Arlie
John Jarvinen
Mike White
Martin OBrien

Geoff Sherman
David Cruz
Raymond Tynecki
Frank Sapena
Zinfandel / Merlot
Peter Zakel
Ronald Spanggord
Mickey Morgan
Victor Suen

Frank Aguilar
Greg Burke
Paul Llewellyn
William Puthoff

Dave Lemert
Ginny Lemert
Salvador Robles
Dan Buchanan

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Rob Heuser
Charlie Labson

Dusty Justice
Ken Justice
Stephen Justice
Danny Smith