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Results: Deep Cliff, April 28
What a day! What! A! Day! The Giants won (over the Dodgers!)
The W's crushed the Pels! The Sharks won in double overtime! The team
of Andy/George/Jeff/Kieth shot 5 strokes under birdie golf at Deep Cliff,
and that only won by 2 strokes! We played two best balls out of 4
person teams. The raffle included lots of balls, an A's cap, a Warrior
Strength in Numbers shirt, and Warrior playoff tx. More than half the field
won a gift certificate and the clubhouse offered 15% off everything. I
could go on and on. Suffice it to say, it will be hard to top this incredible
day...or can we? The skies in Sunnyvale will offer a unique treat.
Andy Sanchez
George Putkey
Jeff Arlie
Keith Farmer

Mickey Morgan
Peter Zakel
Victor Suen
Vikram Pamarthi

Raymond Tynecki
Geoff Sherman
Pete OBrien
Paul Llewelly
Theresa Fernandez
Ginny Lemert
Greg Burke
Frank Aguilar

Aurolyn Devine
William Puthoff
Fay Serrano
Chris Serrano

Shawn Lane
Dan Lane
Cory Troxclair
Carlton Bridgeforth
Dave Anders
Dan Buchanan
Dave Lemert
The Mike Wills

Jerry Moro
Jorge Romero
Coyt Jackson
Warren Kenner