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Results: Sunnyvale, May 26
We played two best net balls. While it was overcast much of
neighboring Moffett Field was incredible. There were a handful
of retro planes giving rides and landing just over the freeway
next to us. Very distracting for some teams. Others must have
great concentration finishing better than -20.
Dave Anders
Martin Josefowicz
Dave Lemert
Ginny Lemert

Clint Anderson
Mike Wills
Dan Lane
Shawn Lane

Fay Serrano
Chris Serrano
Bob Graves
Greg Burke

Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Cory Troxclair
Andy Wilson
Lionel Fernandez Jr
Theresa Fernandez
Carl Umpleby
Peter Zakel

Paul Llewellyn
Keith Farmer
Pete OBrien
Kim Nguyen
David Price
Kevin Ricketts
Carlton Bridgeforth
Salvador Robles

Jeff Arlie
John Jarvinen
Andy Sanchez
George Putkey

George Dwyer
Max Rodriguez
Joe PinedaJr Jr
Mickey Morgan

Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice
Russell Martin
Grant Goodman

Kevin Blakeman
Terence Munday
Coyt Jackson
Warren Kenner