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Results: Los Lagos, Sept. 22
Will this season of great golf, fine weather and raffles never end?
Technically, sure in two months, but let us not forget this great day. It
wasn't a big group this time but 24 of us will always have Los Lagos in
the summer of 2018.
Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice
Danielle Fernandez
Pete OBrien

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Edward Boyea
William Puthoff

Pam Utley
Ron Utley
Frank Aguilar
Brett Hawkins

Dave Lemert
Charlie Labson
Scott Terry
Ginny Lemert

Chris Serrano
Fay Serrano
Bob Graves
Don Chang
Perry Hovanic
Nicholas Hovanic
Keith Farmer
Robert Walsh

Andy Wilson
Cory Troxclair
Carlton Bridgeforth
Kevin Ricketts

Mickey Morgan
Peter Zakel
Ronald Spanggord
Warren Kenner
All Men