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Results: Poppy Ridge, Nov. 24
We just missed heavy rains and had a pretty decent day. Scores
were all over the board and we started different combinations of
the three nines at the same time.
Jeff Arlie
John Jarvinen
George Putkey
Jerry Moro

Blind Draw
Blind Draw
Phil Murray
Salvador Robles

Ron Crawford
Lance Crawford
Andy Wilson
Cory Troxclair
Perry Hovanic
Nicholas Hovanic
Martin OBrien
Keith Farmer

Raymond Tynecki
Geoff Sherman
David Cruz
Victor Suen
Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Frank Aguilar
Robert Yott

Rob Heuser
Ginny Lemert
Charlie Labson
Dave Lemert

Andrea Stewart
Derrick Hess
Brett Hawkins
Peter Zakel
Pam Utley
Ron Utley
Stephen Justice
Dusty Justice

Theresa Fernandez
Danielle Fernandez
Lionel Fernandez Jr
Carl Umpleby

Blind Draw
Vikram Pamarthi
Carlton Bridgeforth
Mickey Morgan