The only course club in Fremont
Results: Los Lagos, April 27
After a cold wind on the early holes, we had a beautiful day.
We played 4-person teams best 2 net balls. Lots of par threes.
All Men                        
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Dave Lemert
Scott Terry
Cory Troxclair
Martin OBrien

Russell Martin
Grant Goodman
Daren Vuong
Victor Suen

Jeff Arlie
John Jarvinen
Andy Sanchez
George Putkey

Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice
Ken Justice
Mickey Morgan

David Cruz
Raymond Tynecki
Geoff Sherman
Peter Zakel
Mike Wills
Clint Anderson
J D Smith
Pamela Smith

Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Don Chang
Jerry Moro

Carlton Bridgeforth
Brett Hawkins
Ginny Lemert
Salvador Robles

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Frank Aguilar
Bob Graves

Chris Serrano
Fay Serrano
William Puthoff
Warren Kenner