The only course club in Fremont
Results: Moffett Field, May 25
Good News: the Google commitment to the property has infused the
course with many improvements. The greens are spectacular, not too
complicated but really firm and true with nice subtleties. Fairways are
way better than years past and the rough is, well, really nice rough
grass...not barren dusty or wild dry grass. Tee boxes and some cart
paths have been upgraded. Down side: this is one of our highest
priced away events. We'll need to weigh that in the future in addition
to swarms of gnats or the cool flyovers from old war planes. One
constant: Nearly everyone stayed for prizes and the raffle (whith only
3 people missing out). Played 4somes with two best net balls.
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Derrick Hess
Andrea Stewart
Mike Wills
Ginny Lemert

Chris Serrano
Fay Serrano
Bob Graves
Carlton Bridgeforth

J D Smith
Pamela Smith
Paul Llewellyn
Pete OBrien

Martin Josefowicz
Greg Burke
Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Jorge Romero
Blake Sanfilippo
Coyt Jackson
Robert Yott

Brett Hawkins
Salvador Robles
Jerry Moro
Don Chang

Paul Veltman
Peter Zakel
Victor Suen
Mickey Morgan