The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, March 12
It was cold. It was windy. But, we couldn't be happier. Saturday's break from
rain was the only such break from mid-week through Monday. The course was
sloppy but management let us use carts. So we had a big group and, of
course, all were fed at the end. We played two person teams, best net ball.
In an ironic twist, Clint Anderson and Mike Wills were leading at the end with a
really fine 54. But Paul Llewellyn, playing without a partner, randomly chose
the same Mike Wills to fill in his Blind Draw score. Both teams tied for first at 54
with Mike (and partner Clint) losing out to Mike's blind draw scores and Paul.
The Co-ed flight had three teams tie for the first spot at 60.
The raffle had two sets of back-to-back numbers called. "Shake 'em up!"
All Men - A Flight                  
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54  B.Draw / P. Llewellyn
54  C. Anderson / M. Wills
56  G. Burke / S. Terry
58  R. Utley / M. Josefowicz
60  C. Troxclair / A. Wilson
62  G. Dwyer / M. Rodriguez
63  J. Arlie / J. Jarvinen
63  R. Walsh / M. Obrien
63  C. Umpleby / M. Vanslyke
60  G. Lemert / D. Lane
60  C. Serrano / F. Serrano
60  D. Fernandez / T. Fernandez
65  M. White / S. Lane
66  P. Utley / S. Kapuganti
All Men - B Flight                  
61  D. Lemert / A. Noonan
64  M. Morgan / V. Suen
65  D. Lasich / R. Lasich
66  L. Thomas / P. Zakel
NC  J. Sripetch / D. Smith