The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, May 14
Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. The course was in fine shape and
we played two-person scramble so there should have been great lies around.
Still, our home course isn't the easiest place to play with only 2-person teams.
That made for a healthy range of scores and some healthy appetites. But no
one seemed to leave hungry after the pizza and raffle. And even though the
course only had 4 plastic pitchers, creative use kept every thirst quenched.
Men A                       
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Dave Anders
Dave Lemert

Martin Josefowicz
Andy Wilson

Joseph Hodges
Rob Heuser

Edward Boyea Jr
Howard Marks

George Putkey
Jeff Arlie

George Dwyer
Max Rodriguez
Andrea Stewart
Ron Utley

Pamela Smith
J D Smith

William Puthoff
Fay Serrano

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane

Clint Anderson
Ginny Lemert
Men B                       
Greg Burke
Frank Aguilar

Terry Gaydos
Peter Zakel

Mickey Morgan
Victor Suen

Martin Vanslyke
Danny Smith

David Lasich
Roger Lasich

Paul Llewellyn
Ron Crawford