The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, June 11
Perfect weather, great fairways and fine greens. We played a shamble;
Everyone hits from the team's favorite drive, then play your own ball in. We
took the two best net scores and required 3 drive choices per player.
Somehow this became one of the most lopsided results in a long time with a
"safer" format at our home course.
All Men                   
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Greg Burke
Dan Lane
Mickey Morgan
Danny Smith

David Lasich
Roger Lasich
Victor Suen
Peter Zakel

Lance Crawford
Ron Crawford
Terry Gaydos
Johnny-Nipon Sripetch
Howard Marks
Guy Moy
J D Smith
Pamela Smith

Danielle Fernandez
Theresa Fernandez
Dave Lemert
William Puthoff

Andrea Stewart
Pam Utley
Ron Utley
Blind Draw

Frank Aguilar
Charlie Labson
Shawn Lane
Ginny Lemert