The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, July 9
It was a nice day for a scramble at Fremont Park. Sun with just enough breeze
to keep it comfortable, the fairways were in very nice shape for this time of
year and the greens as true as usual. We played a full scamble with 3-person
teams for guys and 4-person teams for co-ed. We required 4 drives from each
player. Final scores were pretty tight, especially co-ed second place.
All Men                   
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George Dwyer
Max Rodriguez
Mickey Morgan

Don Chang
Paul Llewellyn
Peter Zakel

William Puthoff
Greg Burke
Frank Aguilar

Dave Anders
Dave Lemert
Michael Anders

Andy Wilson
Cory Troxclair
Ron Crawford
Howard Marks
Victor Suen
J D Smith
Pamela Smith

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Guy Moy
David Cruz

Danielle Fernandez
Theresa Fernandez
David Lasich
Roger Lasich

John Jarvinen
Andy Sanchez
Jeff Arlie
Ginny Lemert

Joe Crocenzi
Eric Manning
Ron Utley
Pam Utley