The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, February 11
We really lucked out, having a break between storms in this very wet winter.
The course was damp but playable, too wet for carts. We still had a good turn
out considering. We played scramble teams and grouped everyone in co-ed
together with everyone in all-men together. 12 people off a tee could have gone
slow but everyone kept it to a good pace using scramble shortcuts and getting
to the next tee while one or two groups finished putting. Most people won at
least a raffle prize but there could have been more all-meat pizza.
All Men                 
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Max Rodriguez
George Dwyer
Victor Suen
Guy Moy

Frank Aguilar
Mike Dooley
David Lasich
Roger Lasich

Greg Burke
Victor Suen
Scott Terry
Mickey Morgan
Jerry Moro
Bret Owens
Pam Utley
Ron Utley

Clint Anderson
Dave Lemert
Ginny Lemert
Mike Wills
Holes like #3 had more
casual water than usual.

The all-men group (above)
played as a 12-some and had
a great time scrambling.