The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, April 8
We had a break in the weather to start our round at home. But by the third hole
the rain came down pretty hard for about 5 minutes. Once that system wet
through we had little more moisture and a bunch of wind. Everyone showed up
and everyone stayed.
We tried a new format using the familiar 4-person scramble. But this time, any
team that "Beat the Board" would win. Unfortunately, no one beat the team
made up of Board members! The scores were very close and, thanks to the
raffle, no one went home disappointed.
All Teams                
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Joseph Hodges, Greg Burke, Dave Lemert, Ginny Lemert
Andy Wilson, Cory Troxclair, Ron Crawford, Peter Zakel
Ron Utley, Paul Llewellyn, Pam Utley, Bret Owen
Chris Serrano, Mike Wills, Fay Serrano, Al Scott
Carl Umpleby, Vikram Pamarthi, Theresa Fernandez, Danielle Fernandez
Don Chang, Johnny-Nipon Sripetch, David R Lasich, Roger Lasich
Max Rodriguez, George Dwyer, Mickey Morgan, Victor Suen