The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, June 10
Arguably the best home tournament ever at Fremont Park. It had
everything...great weather, wonderful people, a fine raffle, pizza, fun
scramble format, shotgun start, pitchers flowing. A truly magical day.
The scores were pretty close. We played straight up scramble, 3
drives from each player.
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Only one flight this time                    
Dave Anders
Greg Burke
Madison Burke
Ginny Lemert
Mickey Morgan

Charlie Labson
Chris Serrano
Dave Lemert
Fay Serrano
Clint Anderson
Paul Llewellyn
Pete Obrien
Mike Wills

Max Rodriguez
George Dwyer
Theresa Fernandez
Danielle Fernandez
John Jarvinen
Vikram Pamarthi
Rajeev Deo
Jeff Arlie

Ron Utley
Pete Zakel
Jerry Moro
Pam Utley