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Results: Fremont Park, Aug 11
We played a 4-person shamble with a little twist. We took 3 balls on
par 3s. That can make a huge difference on a course like ours. A close
shot with a chance for a bird and some teams went 5-6 under on a
single hole. One team was really strong and another not so much. But
the rest of the field ended up within a couple strokes. It was a great
day and only 7 people failed to be called for a raffle prize.
Coed Teams        
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John Jarvinen
Pamela Smith
Jeff Arlie
J D Smith

Lionel Fernandez Jr
Theresa Fernandez
Danielle Fernandez
Jerry Moro

Dan Lane
Paul Llewellyn
Chris Serrano
Shawn Lane

Charlton Labson
Carlton Bridgeforth
Greg Burke
Ginny Lemert
Don Chang
Clint Anderson
Mike Wills
Al Scott

Guy Moy
Mickey Morgan
Victor Suen
Peter Zakel

Joseph Hodges
Dave Anders
Rob Heuser
Dave Lemert
Just Fellas Teams