The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, Feb 10
February? Sure we need the rain. But, that was really fabulous
weather to start the 2018 Tour. We played the very forgiving scramble
format with 4 person teams. One player cancelled so one team had to
be adjusted as a threesome. Scores were pretty close but
tie-breakers were not needed. The only other rule was three drives
were required from each player, 4 drives from threesome players.
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Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Bret Owens
Ginny Lemert

John Jarvinen
Theresa Fernandez
Jeff Arlie
Danielle Fernandez

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
William Puthoff
Aurolyn Devine

Ed Boyea
Pamela Smith
Danny Smith
J D Smith
Robert Montoya
Frank Aguilar
Peter Zakel

Clint Anderson
Mickey Morgan
Mike Wills
Guy Moy

Andy Wilson
Greg Burke
Chris Serrano
Cory Troxclair

Scott Terry
Paul Llewellyn
Dave Lemert
Ronald Spanggord
All men                 
Round played, pizza eaten, beverages just sit back, enjoy the
sunshine and wait for the raffle.