The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, April 14
There must have been some carry-over effect from Friday the 13th.
Half the field ended up with a -13 and the others were right behind.
We needed to go to scorecard playoff to determine the winners. It
was a perfect day for golf, a fun scramble and a Warrior blowout win.
We played full scramble requiring three drives from each person and
using the NCGA recommended handicapping for 4-5 person teams.
Only one flight this time                          
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Murray, Phil
Llewellyn, Paul
Obrien, Pete
Suen, Victor

Morgan, Mickey
Aguilar, Frank
Lemert, Ginny
Burke, Greg

Lane, Shawn
Lane, Dan
Troxclair, Cory
Farmer, Keith
Utley, Ron
Serrano, Chris
Utley, Pam
Serrano, Fay

Labson, Charlie
Anders, Dave
Lemert, Dave
Zakel, Peter

Smith, Ruben
Jackson, Coyt
Romero, Jorge
Puthoff, William
Devine, Aurolyn