The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, May 12
We played a shamble with a new wrinkle, each 4-person team had to
use three of the four scores on par threes. That really put a premium
on close shots for easier holes. A shot within a few feet could send a
team 6 under on one hole. Of course, needing to take a drive from the
trap or off a par three could result in  a final score over par. And, the
score reflected the lucky/unlucky teams. Weather was perfect. The
course was really green. Greens were still looking punched but rolled
surprisingly well. Pizza, raffle, blah, blah, know the drill.
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Ginny Lemert
Terence Munday
Greg Burke
Kevin Blakeman

Chris Serrano
William Puthoff
Fay Serrano
Aurolyn Devine
Vikram Pamarthi
Theresa Fernandez
Mickey Morgan
Danielle Fernandez

Phil Murray
Paul Llewellyn
Pete OBrien
Kim Nguyen

Ron Utley
Coyt Jackson
Mike Wills
Peter Zakel
John Jarvinen
George Putkey
Jeff Arlie
Ronald Spanggord

Max Rodriguez
George Dwyer
Dan Lane
Shawn Lane

Dave Anders
David Price
Dave Lemert
Kevin Ricketts
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