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Results: Fremont Park, Aug 11
What a shamble! We played a modified scramble where everyone hits
off the tee, then everyone plays their own ball in from the best tee
shot chosen. We took the two best balls per hole and required 3
drives used by each player. A good tee shot on a par three could
mean a big number under. Four poor drives could really hurt. With so
many par threes at Fremont Park, you could see the score go in both
directions with a wide range in both flights.
Group A                    
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Ginny Lemert
John Jarvinen
Jeff Arlie
Greg Burke

Ron Utley
Mike Wills
Pam Utley
Bret Owens

JD Smith
Danielle Fernandez
Edward Boyea
Pamela Smith

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Victor Suen
Kevin Ricketts
William Puthoff
Aurolyn Devine
Paul Llewellyn
Pete OBrien

Rajeev Deo
Peter Zakel
Vikram Pamarthi
Blind Draw
Bob Graves
Chris Serrano
Mickey Morgan
Fay Serrano

Frank Aguilar
Guy Moy
Carl Umpleby
Keith Farmer

Coyt Jackson
Ruben Smith
Dave Lemert
Cory Troxclair
Group B