The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, Nov 10
Camp fire drifted our way. And it was really chilly to start the
day. But everyone showed for a fun format. We played
two-person team scramble with each team playing a match play
game against their playing partners. Two drives per nine were
required from each player. Matches were very tight with all of
them going to at least 16 holes.
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Match winners in green             
John Jarvinen
Jeff Arlie
Andy Sanchez
Jerry Moro

Brett Hawkins
Dave Lemert
3 & 2
Greg Burke
Ginny Lemert

Paul Llewellyn
Pete OBrien
2 Up
Clint Anderson
Mike Wills
Fay Serrano
Bob Graves
3 & 2
William Puthoff
Aurolyn Devine

Vikram Pamarthi
J D Smith
2 UP
Guy Moy
Ronald Spanggord
Victor Suen
Peter Zakel
1 UP
Mickey Morgan
Carlton Bridgeforth

Ron Utley
Pam Utley
2 Up
Dan Lane
Shawn Lane