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Results: Dos Lagos 2-22-2020
We played 2 best balls for our 2nd tournament of the year with 2 flights
and 2 many good vibes... Nice day, great conditions, full field, solid raffle,
cold pitchers. What more could you ask for, free warm up bucket, shotgun
start...somebody stop me!
JD Smith      
Pam Smith
Ginny Lemert
Frankie Aguilar

Dan Lane
Shawn Lane
Mike Wills
Clint Anderson

Fay Serrano
Chris Serrano
Bob Graves
Brett Hawkins

Ron Utley
Pam Utley
Aurolyn Devine
Bill Puthoff
Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice
Ken Justice
Russell Martin

Ron Spanggord
Victor Suen
Keith Whitney
Paul Llewellyn

Cory Troxclair
Andy Wilson
Martin O'Brien
Pete Zakel

Andy Sanchez
Jeff Arlie
John Jarvinen
George Putkey
Just gents