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All Mens              
Results: Dublin RanchCourse, July 25
No wonder this one was over sold. Everyone was treated to really nice
weather, some fun pin locations and light breezes. All the pleasantries of
being on a ranch in Dublin, without the smells. We played the ball down
and saw some rough patches. The greens were in great shape,
somewhat soft and on the slow side. All great conditions for Ginny and
Charlie who ran away with this Two-Person Best Ball.
52 Jeff Arlie
52 John Jarvinen
53 Ken Justice
53 Danny Smith
54 Scott Terry
54 Brian Terry
56 Bob Graves
56 Frank Aguilar
57 Sal Robles
57 Ron Crawford
57 Cory Troxclair
57 Greg Burke
57 LC Thomas
57 Blind Draw
59 Dusty Justice
59 Stephen Justice
59 Andy Sanchez
59 Martin O'Brien
62 Victor Suen
62 Jerry Moro
64 Guy Moy
64 Carlton Bridgeforth
65 Clint Anderson
65 Mike Wills
65 Roben Smith
65 Jorge Romero
49 Ginny Lemert
49 Charlie Labson
57 Shawn Lane
57 Dan Lane
59 JD Smith
59 Pam Smith
62 Chris Serrano
62 Fay Serrano
64 Ron Utley
64 Pam Utley