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Results: Redwood Canyon, Aug 22
Luck of the draw. We played a 4-person blind draw. Players were
selected before the start to random teams of  for as drawn by early
arrivers. Some combinations worked, others suffered the fate that
befalls selectiing two best balls per hole. And then there was the
conditions; a little rough out there (and some failed to read the
instructions for bumping), a little hazy, a little slow.
It was a little strange to have no one on the course after our last group.
Luckier still, we were the last to play it for a few days "Due to the
Northern California Wildfires, Redwood Canyon will be temporarily closed
reopening on Thursday, August 27."
-22 John Jarvinen / Dusty Justice / LC Thomas / Pam Smith
-20 JD Smith / Cory Troxclair / Andy Wilson / Fay Serrano
-13 Don Chang / Andy Sanchez / Victor Suen / Ginny Lemert
-10 Dan Lane / Jerry Moro / Scott Terry / Theresa Fernandez
-1   Clint Anderson / Greg Burke / Shawn Lane / Brett Hawkins
All Men             
-9  Trevor Terry / Mike Wills / Stephen Justice / Ron Crawford
-9  Martin O'Brien / Jorge Romero / George Putkey / Ken Justice
-7  Mickey Morgan / Sal Robles / Chris Serrano / Mike Griggs