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Co-ed Teams     
Reults: Hiddenbrooke, October 24
Great weather...slight breeze, mild temps, no smoke. We played 4-person
two best balls. There were some very challenged players but having
partners helped for the most part. And one team really crushed it.
Danny Smith
Scott Terry
Sal Robles
Ginny Lemert

Mickey Morgan
Victor Suen
Mike Griggs
Fay Serrano

Shawn Lane
Dan Lane
Greg Burke
LC Thomas

Ron Crawford
Andy Wilson
Martin O'Brien
Blind Draw

Pam Smith
JD Smith
Jerry Moro
Blind Draw
Russell Martin
Daren Vuong
Dusty Justice
Stephen Justice

Mike Wills
Clint Anderson
Frank Francis
Frank Aguilar

John Jarvinen
Andy Sanchez
George Putkey
CBD - Clint
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