The only course club in Fremont
Results: Fremont Park, June 13
We're baaaaaak! And social distancing better than ever.
We played a 6-ft. Scramble with two-player teams. And while there was
confusion at check-in, play started on time for what was a wonderful day.
Measuring tapes were distributed and players were given 6-ft relief from
the best ball position. In a hazard, on the green, just off the green...didn't
matter. As long as you were no closer the hole, feel free to go 6 feet in
either direction.
That afternoon, we held
our second online gathering
and 70% of the field showed
up! (plus a couple guests)
We went the whole 45 min.
without anyone leaving and
dished out winnings, KPs, and
raffle prizes. In case you are
wondering..looks like this:
Co-Ed teams               
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58  Clint Anderson / Mike Wills
60  Mickey Morgan / Jerry Moro
60  Scott Terry / Brian Terry
61  Ron Crawford / Cory Troxclair
65  Ruben Smith / Jorge Romero
73  Manish Asthana / Victor Suen
53  Shawn Lane / Dan Lane
57  Chris Serrano / Fay Serrano
59  Ron Utley / Pam Utley
64  Ginny Lemert / Charlie Labson
65  Mike Griggs / Renee Griggs
All men teams